Rectangular foodstorage containers Tritan with date indication and valve Innovations on an existing theme

With the Push lock & Push open Food Storage Containers, Xpackt introduces a new range of innovative products for the food market. The product offers a combination of high quality and a number of innovative features among with the user friendly and patented Push & Push opening and closing mechanism. The product is unique in its kind and suitable for both the professional and consumer market. The product is available in a broad range of varieties, combinations and sizes. Artwork can be developed upon demand in order to release the product under private label. 

The food containers have patented locking wings for air-tight, liquid-tight and leak proof storage in order to keep different food products fresh for a longer period of time. The products are easy to open by pushing the buttons on the wings and easy to close and seal by pushing down the lid. 

Features and benefits 

  • Material : PP container, Tritan PCTG and Silicone Rubber lid
  • Valve to release presure when used in Microwave oven
  • Date indicator monitors food production or expiry date
  • Suitable for microwave, dishwasher and freezer
  • The opening and closing mechanism can be used as handles
  • Possibility to obtain color indications according to HACCP Standard
  • Approved according to US and EU Foodstandards 
  • Available: 650-950-1250ML and 3 pcs sets
  • Silicone ring and push buttons are avaialble in different colors
  • Also available with Biobased plastic containers


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