Xpackt is a full service organisation in the field of Specialty Packaging Solutions. We work in a multi disciplinary way, leaning on many years of experience, on good, creative people, an international portfolio, a worldwide network of production partners and suppliers and a level of expertise that reaches from concept & design, till production and even assembly and distribution.

Our method

Research on consumer buying behaviour has proven that the majority of purchase decession are made at the point of sale driven by impuls. In 70% of the purchases, packaging is the driving factor for the purchase. Packaging is no longer about containment and transport of the product, but an important, if not the most important tool that marketeers have to differentiate their products. 

Packaging communicates the brand identity, the brand promise and the product attributes, and contributes in an extensive way how the product can be positioned in relation to its competition. Material, physical structure or shape , color and artwork are the most important drivers of how the product will ultimately be perceived by the customer. 

Xpackt focusses mainly on the  specialty packaging market and on those projects where packaging plays an important role in differentiation from the competition and/or has a strong promotional character. Xpackt believes strongly in the added value of packaging as an integral part of the product, and takes that as the starting point for your packaging demands.

XPACKT       Just in Case….



The times they are a-changin’

In 1993 Europe Precision Molding BV started its operations in The Netherlands as a mass manufacturer of CD jewel cases. Over the years the company has evolved into a multi-disciplinary organization with a strong focus on Specialty Packaging, supplying a wide range of products into various different markets. 

Now, twenty years later, the time has come to communicate the new corporate identity into the market that better reflects the products and services that the company is offering today. 

Along with that a new name :

A new name, the same service… that is what you can “Xpackt “ from us