Our method

The current challenging economic environment drives organizations not only to focus on component acquisition cost, but also observe the total supply chain and drive any in-efficiencies out of the process. Sharing of information and transparent communication has proven to be the basis for a successful partnership between us and our customers.

Long standing relationships with tier 1 players out of the industry, well structured operations and a team of professionals have put Xpackt in the position of a highly respected business partner and as a preferred supplier among it’s customers. Xpackt operates fully independent throughout the entire process and  can offer packaging solutions from standard packaging to highly complicated customized products. More than 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, in product development, in production and international sourcing and project management, have made  Xpackt into a reliable source, meeting the customers’ expectations in every project

For all projects Xpackt works strictly according to a well defined Stage – Gate process. In the process, all critical mile stones, decision points and deadlines are clearly defined and communicated. During the process Xpackt provides a project status report to all critical parties on a weekly basis in order to monitor the overall status and progress of the project in relation to the project time line.

Stage Gate Process

In the process the following phases are defined :

  • Phase 1      Ideation & Design
  • Phase 2      Prototyping & Specifications
  • Phase 3      Manufacturing & Sourcing
  • Phase 4      Assembly & Fulfilment
  • Phase 5      Distribution

During every phase a number of controls are implemented in order to monitor quality and delivery time on a continuous basis. Through this process the chance for error and miscommunication are reduced to a minimum.

Turn Key Approach                                                                                                                                                   

Specialty Packaging projects often have high visibility within the customer’s organization. While volumes may be relatively smaller, shelf presentation and time to market are crucial. By offering a Turn Key approach, the customer has one contact, and will be kept up to date through the course of the project.