Carton & Print General

Carton packaging represents a major share of total packaging demand in various industries. Whether it concerns a standard folded box for foodpackaging or an exclusive packaging solution for the costmetics industry, ultimately it is in many ways the packaging that the consumer associates the product with. 

With more than 15 years of experience in the print industry, Xpackt offers its customers a broad range of carton and print based products. Every projects is approached from both the marketing & communication starting point as well as the operational side. Points of discussion in particular entail brandidentity, productpositioning, budget and price point, orderpatterns, and deliveryschedules. Xpackt prefers to be involved in every phase of the projects in order to benchmark creative, operational and financial feasibility on a contineous basis. 


An enormeous portfolio of different projects and a broad variety of expertise and manufacturing technigues guarantee a structured and efficient approach of your projects. A large network of productionpartners in The Netherlands, Europe and Asia ensure that your project is always executed in the most efficient manner.


  • Rigid carton packaging
  • Folded carton packaging
  • Hardcover mediabooks
  • POS- en marketing materials
  • Documentation materials and brochures
  • Stickers & labels 


  • Concept and Design
  • Prototypes
  • Production
  • Assembly & Fulfilment
  • Distribution