Multi Flip Tray Being smart in high-end multi disc packaging

The latest addition to Xpackt’s multi disc packaging range, is the innovative Multi Flip Tray. Through the use of the Multi Flip Tray, popular TV series, Special Interest Content and Collectors Versions can be packed using considerably less packaging material hence still providing this high end look and feel The Multi Flip Tray offers a 2 disc version and a 3 disc version and trhough its modular design, it provides unlimited flexibility to package any number of discs. For the DVD producer that drastically wants to reduce packaging cost and still give the product this high-end and luxurious image, the Multi Flip Tray is the way to go. Xpackt can either offer you the separate trays, or upon demand the fully assembled product including the printed parts.


Features and Benefits

Product made of 100 % recyclable Poly Styrene

  • Available in CD, DVD and Blu Ray dimensions
  • Premium style package  for collector’s editions, TV Series, Movies plus Soundtracks, Video Games and more.
  • Saving cost and print and standard trays 



  • 2 or 3 discs per tray