Stackpak Combines Green with ultimate Supplychain efficiency

The StackPak multi disc packaging offers a truly eco-efficient solution with a stackable hub that can hold one to twelve discs. StackPak reduces packaging cost and the number of SKU’’s to an absolute minimum for any number of discs. StackPak reduces materials, product weight, number of SKU’s, Shelfspace, Carbon footprint, but most of all the product reduces cost and increased profits. 

StackPak is fully accepted as a multi disc packaging format and already featured a number of premium titles. In case you want to go Green and combine ultimate supplychain advantages, Go StackPak !

Features and Benefits 

  • Made of durable and fully recycleable Poly Propylene.
  • Easy to automate up to 70 ppm .which ensures accuracy and cost saving.
  • Special “Shark Fin” design provides additional disc security.
  • Available in DVD format with respectively 15, 21 and 27 mm spine width and Bluray 15mm.
  • Literature tabs enable safe storage of your printed material.
  • Sleeve enables insertion of a printed cover sheet.
  • Standard available in Black and  Super Clear. 


  • 15 mm 1 – 6 discs
  • 21 mm 1 – 7 discs
  • 27 mm 1 – 12 discs